Giải Pháp Lợp Mái Và Lợp Chồng Mái

Onduline® meets different professionals’ needs, combining reliability and lightweight, ensuring sustainability, while simplifying the design and implementation. Considered as the fifth facade of the building, the roof contributes to aesthetic, building energy performance, health and wellbeing of its occupants with, among others, the benefits of natural light that is gradually becoming obvious.

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Giải Pháp Lợp Dưới Mái

Any roof covered with tiles can leak over time. Engeneered to be 100% leak free, ONDULINE® UNDERROOFING SYSTEMS deliver durable protection to any building, offering complete peace of mind to your customers, and to you! Solutions like ONDUTISS® reduce losses by poor airtightness that can be very detrimental to the energy efficiency of a building, a major concern of standards from Eco-design and approaches of high environmental standard quality.

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Giải Pháp Chống Thấm Mái Nhà Và Tường

Relialibility is one of our values. Working closely with roofers for years, we know how it’s crutial to select the right solution for their customers, that has to keep the expected performance for a long time. This is why we designed our ranges with experts and are always taking care about their feedbacks. BITULINE(R) for instance has been developed taking into account various customers’s needs: from economical to very specific solutions, still offering a high quality and a durable aterproofing.

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Giải Pháp Lấy Sáng

The different finishes and options of our daylighting solutions allow you to select the most appropriate system in order to improve the internal environment of your building, while significantly increasing its energy efficiency. For an even greater staff comfort, our insulative solutions are an added asset for enhanced productivity.

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